We believe.

We believe in the beauty of great design, the immediacy of fast load times, the tailored nature of “custom”, and the art of listening. If you’re ready to believe in us, we’re itching to believe in you.


What we do.


One of our favorite things to do is sit with business owners and learn who they are and what their business is all about. Creating their brand and delivering a final product that not only represents their business, but also represents them as people is a privilege we do not take lightly.


In a world where you can create a website for $3/month and move a bunch of boxes around, we exist to help you usher in the next phase of your business. Using our 15+ years of experience we operate under the promise of total creativity and limitless possibilities.

SEO / Marketing

Most of our clients begin this journey with zero online presence, and just a few months later they see huge gains in search engine rankings, a major uptick in leads, and notable growth in their business overall.

"28 South redesigned my entire brand, including a new website. James took the time to really get to know me as a person, my team & my business values and vision. When he presented his brand concept to me, I cried because it so perfectly captured me and everything I stand for.

In a time when my business desperately needed a kick in the pants, my new brand and gorgeous website have given me and my team new energy and enthusiasm which is showing up in our bottom line. We're proud of who we are and now our brand reflects that. Thank you James for listening and for your instinct in designing all of the pieces of our new brand!"

Carrie Qualters Bright Homes Atlanta / KW Roswell, GA

What are you doing way down here?

Please click around and read up on some of our projects. You’ll get a great sense for who we are and how much we care about our clients, and then we can figure out exactly how to help you!