Apple Bottom Bakes

Logo, Business cards, Stickers, Website

So so delicious!

Apple Bottom Bakes is an upstart vegan organic bakery based in Winter Garden, FL. The owner, Annette, is super-mom to two and one of the nicest people you could ever meet. As if that’s not enough, the baked goods she makes are outstandingVegan used to mean tasteless, dry, and unpleasant – but whatever Annette is doing, it’s working! Her cakes and cupcakes are perfectly moist and flavors precisely balanced. They are to die for!

Needless to say, when Annette was looking to brand the business properly, we jumped at the chance!

The right ingredients.

Apple Bottom Bakes is Annette, and Annette is Apple Bottom Bakes. It was very important to capture her essence in the branding. She is incredibly sweet, caring, and bubbly, but also carries herself with class. It didn’t feel right to go with a modern look. It’s overdone, if we’re being honest here. Almost every bakery and coffee shop share the exact same style. We felt it appropriate to lean towards a slightly vintage bakery style with some added playful elements and vibrant colors.

What you see is a product of finding and modifying the right vintage-but-not-too-vintage font, choosing a playful and family-oriented color palette, and working in some old-school flavor. We feel this properly represents Annette and her business, and looks great as you dive face first into a box of cupcakes!

Piece of cake.

Let’s be honest here – once we designed the logo and used the circles as auxiliary brand elements, the cards were incredibly easy to design. As they’re supposed to be, they are a continuation of the brand, engineered to give an awesome first impression. The colors are vibrant and they’re printed on thick card stock with spot UV coating to highlight the logo and other important elements.

If you’re in the Winter Garden area, go see Annette and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Don’t forget about the website!

Check out the website we designed for Annette. It’s right on brand – colorful, playful, and your gateway to amazing deliciousness!

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