NightSky Labs


Creativity falling from the sky.

Our good friend Hector has spent years doing various forms of videography, experimenting with new creative mediums, and now he is transitioning to a creative leadership role for a very popular theme park that shall remain nameless. This transition caused him to take stock of his brand as a whole, which up to this point had essentially just been him.

With potential expansion in the future, Hector wanted to create a completely new identity for his company – one that expressed the vastness of undiscovered ideas and elicited a sense of wonder. After weeks of short, sporadic conversations and brainstorming sessions, we decided to sit in a room together and figure it out. Next thing we knew, NightSky Labs was born.

When you see the eyes get really wide and a smile streak across his face, you know you’ve landed on a winner.

From galaxy to logo.

Ok, we’ve got the name. Now what? There’s only the entire galaxy to use as inspiration! It was an admittedly anxious process in the beginning. We weren’t entirely sure where to start. We started pulling star charts and sketching a few ideas inspired by them, but none of them felt right. A huge part of our creative process is based on gut feelings, and the sort of ornate and vintage vibe did not feel right.

We moved on to simple shapes – triangles, squares, circles. Nothing seemed to fit, and then we started playing with the idea of shooting stars. Thematically it felt right. Shooting stars streak across the sky and they’re gone in an instant if you aren’t in the right place at the right time. Very similar to ideas. Ideas are floating around in the ether, but inspiration has to hit you at the right moment for you to snag them. This made perfect sense and, most importantly, felt right. Hours of tinkering later and we landed on the version you see now!

We can’t wait to see the awesome things Hector creates with NightSky Labs, and we look forward to expanding the brand in the future.

Take a galactic leap and reach for the stars!

Hector realized to be taken seriously he needed to create a professional brand, one that further legitimized his work and instilled additional confidence in his clientele. Give us a call or follow the link below to take your brand to the moon and back!

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