Undercover Storage

Logo, Business cards

Undercover huh?

When your old pal VideoDan calls you up and tells you he’s bought a building, you listen intently. When he explains he’s converting it to a storage facility and he’d like you to design the logo, you emphatically refuse. Wait no…you emphatically accept!

Behind the design.

The only information we were given was the name and the fact that the building is a dome. After researching other storage company logos, we had a pretty good idea of the style and vibe we wanted to go for. The font needed to be bold to communicate strength and security, and we needed to find a way to incorporate the building’s dome shape. We also wanted to maintain a softer aesthetic to keep the brand from being too stuffy and stiff.

After tinkering with dome shapes, trying to form the text into a dome shape, we stumbled upon manipulating the dome into the “N” and we knew we were onto something. A few tweaks later and it was just a matter of nailing the color palette. We settled for a classic blue and silver/gray. As a family owned business in a small town, we felt it was a better option than going with a louder color combination.

We finished off the project with some high quality business cards printed on silk-laminated paper with spot UV coating. How many storage facilities rock cards that awesome?!

Dust off that old brand and make a change!

Don’t let your branding sit in storage like VideoDan’s customers’ junk! If it’s been a few years and you need a jolt, give us a call or follow the link below to see what we can do for you.

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