Vela Global

Logo, more to come!

The function of high standards

Vela is a Caribbean software development firm specializing in local government and financial applications. They maintain incredibly high standards, stay glued to the bleeding edge of technology, and believe in providing unwavering support for their clientele. They are amazing at what they do. Having said that – they are definitely not designers, and that is precisely why we got the call to help them create a professional brand they can be proud of.

Developing the brand.

Vela in Italian means “sailing”. Other origins of the word define it as “shore” or “coast”. It’s from these definitions that we took our inspiration. Initial ideas were to implement a vibrant color palette, soft edges for a less stuffy and rigid aesthetic, and to incorporate a sail somehow.

We started with the sail, knowing we wanted a very simple shape, and two colors for a nice contrast. Hours of font research got us close to what felt right for the lettering, but we still had to modify the font we ultimately chose. Throughout the design process we experimented with colors. All manner of blues and teals were tested, but everything came together nicely to form the elegant design you see.

We look forward to working with the guys at Vela to develop the brand as they continue to grow.

Your brand need a little reprogramming?

No need to learn code – give us a call or follow the link below and we’ll debug your situation. We’ve got the tools and experience necessary to take you from beta to alpha in no time!

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