Bison Construction

Logo, Business cards, Folders, Website

Before & After

Online renovations are a real thing.

After designing Bison’s branding, we were excited to start working on the website. The old website was a clunky Squarespace mess. The new website would be an awesome display of the quality work Bison provide and a beautiful extension of their new brand.

As with all of our websites, we built this in a modular way so the varied sections you see can be re-used throughout with one or two clicks of the mouse. Whether clients want to maintain their websites themselves or pay us to do it, we build them so additions and modifications are extremely easy. It saves everyone time and money in the end.

The website is built on WordPress and includes the following features – parallax background effects, custom on-page animated quote form, instagram feed, modular section structure.

What makes this website awesome?

Our websites are built to the highest standard. Below is a list of notable features that help this website load quickly, look great, and stand out from the crowd.


This website looks amazing on any device of any size, and is painstakingly optimized for mobile phones. It’s lightweight and built to adapt.

Optimized images

To ensure your website loads quickly, we optimize all images to be the smallest file size possible while keeping clarity and resolution high.

Easily maintained

Our websites are built with the client in mind. We ensure everything you see is easily editable. No confusing template manipulation. Just fill out fields and upload images.

Custom designed

No boring templates here. We custom designed this website to perfectly match the company’s brand. There’s no other website just like it, and it’s been handcrafted to the owner’s specifications.

Measure the website for yourself.

Hammer on over to the website and click around, or slide on over to our write-up on the design of the Bison branding. It’s a good read!

Does your website need a little remodeling?

Give us a call or follow the link below and we’ll take notes on a clipboard and everything. We might even wear a hard hat – who knows!

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