This project is so very close to my (James) heart. I have LOVED ice cream my entire life, but have had to limit my consumption as I’ve grown older. Fortunately, my decreased intake has only increased my appreciation for truly great ice cream. At some point during my excessive enjoyment of Yummies homemade ice cream, I managed to score an interview with the owner, Valerie, and add her to the 28South family.

Before & After

The old stale website.

When you arrive at Yummies, you’re greeted with a barrage of bright colors, and, especially inside, you get that old-school ice cream parlor vibe with a twist. The old website was not at all indicative of the experience. It was drab, gray, and mostly empty. It also wasn’t mobile-friendly; a feature that is essential in today’s mobile world.

I felt quite a relief when I brought this up to Valerie and she expressed disappointment and a bit of embarrassment that the website wasn’t better. Too often, small business owners are happy with mediocrity or think they have all the answers. It was clear right away that Valerie was cut from a different cloth. I assured her we could design and build something worthy of the Yummies brand.

The new fresh website.

The NEW YummiesIceCream.com is a colorful, mobile-friendly, interactive, and informative website. Everything you need to know is readily available. We added a “Submit your own flavor” form as well as a direct feed from Instagram. The homepage has rotating high resolution photos that are easily updated, keeping the visuals fresh as the ice cream season roars on and new flavors are created. Yummies has a ‘Sundae of the Month’ each month they’re open, and we made sure that auto-populates on the homepage when relevant.

Overall, it’s a major improvement, and we’re proud to help this awesome small business better represent itself online. It was an honor to work on this project, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come!

Check it out before it melts!

Click below to visit the new website, or keep scrolling to read more about Yummies owner, Valerie, and maybe stick around long enough to watch a wee documentary about how Yummies came to be the creamy power-house it is today!

Why Valerie is awesome!

It’s clear when you visit Yummies that the owner is doing something right. The product is amazing, the service great, and the energy high.  As you watch Valerie interact with regular customers, you start to gain a true appreciation for what she’s doing. She’s not just making ice cream – she’s uplifting her community.

They serve creamy deliciousness to anyone who wants it, and Yummies runs or takes part in several charitable events throughout the year. Some even in the off season. She really got me, though, when we discussed pricing. She explained how, due to increased highway traffic, she could easily charge more, but keeps prices low to ensure Yummies is still affordable for the surrounding community. In an age where greed seems to drive everything, it is supremely refreshing to see this perspective in action.

Beyond all of THAT, she stressed that she makes sure to improve at least one major thing every year. One year it was digital menu displays, another it was the colorful awning outside. She ensures Yummies constantly evolves and improves. What more can you ask of a small business owner?

Again, we are proud to welcome Valerie and Yummies to the 28South family, and are delighted to be part of the Yummies family!

A little more yum!

Valerie’s talented niece, Kathryn, produced a little documentary for a school project. It’s worth a watch!

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