Counseling Specialists

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The first step to healing?

Any time you sit down to design a website, you’re really designing an experience. You have to put yourself in the mindset of the people who will be using the site. This project becomes very delicate when you do that. Most of the people who find their way to this website will be going through hard times one way or another. With that in mind, you want to ensure their first impression is one of comfort, calm, and clarity. Keep the colors soothing, the imagery clear, and don’t clutter the screen with too much information.

Like our other websites, we built this in a modular way so Ken, the business guru, can easily build pages and make them look great without all the fuss of dragging and dropping and changing a bunch of settings. We worked closely with Ken to give him all the tools he would need to build the site out exactly as he’d like.

The website is precisely on-brand, extremely informative, and fantastically flexible.

Why is this website awesome?

Our websites are built to the highest standard. Below is a list of notable features that help this website load quickly, look great, and stand out from the crowd.


This website looks amazing on any device of any size, and is painstakingly optimized for mobile phones. It’s lightweight and built to adapt.

Progressive images

We load the smallest version of each image and then load the larger version in the background. This allows the website to load quickly and images to ultimately be crystal clear.

Easily maintained

Our websites are built with the client in mind. We ensure everything you see is easily editable. No confusing template manipulation. Just fill out fields and upload images.

Custom designed

No boring templates here. We custom designed this website to perfectly match the company’s brand. There’s no other website just like it, and it’s been handcrafted to the owner’s specifications.

See it for yourself!

Take a look, click around. Check it out on your phone, tablet, laptop, fridge – whatever! It looks great on anything with a screen.

Like what you see? You can look this good too!

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