Apartment Lease Finders

Logo, Business cards

A little backstory

On a random March day we were camped out in a Houston Starbucks knocking out action items and taking care of business. One table over sat a smiling stranger who had a magnetic warmth about him. Shortly after introducing ourselves we were discussing our respective businesses and goals for the year. There was an instant chemistry and we just knew we would have the pleasure of branding Apartment Lease Finders in the near future. Fast forward to December and, sure enough, we managed to design the perfect logo for Jerome and his business (his words, not ours).

Who are they and what do they do?

Apartment Lease Finders are relocation specialists based in Houston, TX. They expertly help new and current residents of Houston find the perfect apartment. Using their knowledge of the city, its districts, and plethora of apartment complexes, ALF places people right where they need to be. Moving in or to a big city may be intimidating, but having a specialist who understands your needs can take all the pressure off.

The logo.

As stated above, Jerome is a very warm guy. His entire business relies on his ability to connect with people and make them feel comfortable. It’s effortless for him. What’s not effortless for him, is figuring out how to communicate that via branding. Some business owners have a very specific vision in their head, others rely completely on us to figure that out. Jerome knew he needed to look more professional, but he had no specific ideas on how to achieve that.

After toying with a few ideas centered around smiles, I started tinkering with a heart concept. I was originally against using a heart as I felt it was too cheesy, but once it started coming together, there was no going back.

The idea is

  • the heart represents home, warmth, love
  • the squares represent the myriad of apartment buildings and seemingly endless choices
  • the light mini-heart represents the expertly chosen new home

"All business" cards.

Jerome’s custom designed business cards are printed on 16pt silk-laminated card stock with spot-UV coating on both sides to highlight the logo and add a touch of texture for that killer first impression. The design is tasteful, modern, and simple; the goal being to communicate a sense of professionalism while still retaining the warmth and approachable nature of its owner.

Like what you see? You can look just as spiffy!

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