Arrival Sites

Logo, Business cards, Website framework

Who? What? Where?

Arrival Sites is a small business solution providing everything you need to succeed online for affordable prices. They provide a professional website, lead-tracking, lead follow-up, reputation management, search engine optimization, and monthly ad campaigns – all completely setup by them for a low monthly fee.

There is no one else doing what they do – for the price they do it – at the high standard they deliver.

Arriving at this logo.

Sitting down to design the Arrival branding, we knew we wanted there to be upward movement. Their whole business is centered around helping their clients grow, so up was the only way.┬áThe logo is not only shaped like an “A”, but also an arrow, and the multiple levels represent the multi-faceted approach they use to all but guarantee their clients’ success.

It was also important to keep things simple. Other brands in this space tend to be loud and attention-grabbing. The Arrival team prefer to be professional, uncomplicated, and focused.

Arrived at the conclusion that you’re a fan?

We have similarly arrived at the conclusion that we would love to work with you. Feel free to give us a call or follow the link below and let’s see where we might arrive if we traveled together.

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