ARC1 Capital

Logo, Business cards, Folders

Who are these guys?

Funny you should ask! ARC1 Capital is spearheaded by two brothers, Sonny and Kash. If you have the pleasure of meeting them, they are instantly memorable. Two polar opposites, both endearing in their own way. They use their years of experience in stock trading to manage funds and produce yields much higher than the norm.

After deciding to team up, they knew they needed to look the part while drumming up their initial clientele. We were happy to oblige, and thus began another long-term partnership.

Design to impress!

Sonny and Kash didn’t have any specific direction in mind when we initially discussed the design. They just wanted to look professional, sleek, and make an impression. As we began forming ideas, we discussed several color palettes and settled on the dark gray and blue you see. It just made the most sense. We wanted to avoid red, green was overdone in relation to money, and Sonny and Kash just didn’t seem like purple or orange kind of guys.

Beyond the colors, we knew we wanted something bold but not loud. Emphasizing the “1” made sense thematically and doubles as a subliminal declaration. The logo on its own is quite simple, but when applied to the other design elements it really comes to life!

Where the logo really comes to life!

Beyond the logo, we always start by designing the business cards. Given the simplicity of the aesthetic, we really wanted to make use of spot UV coating to add some hidden character to the cards. We printed them on silk laminated paper and added spot UV coating in specially designed places for a true wow factor when you hold these things in your hand.

The presentation folders are also silk laminated with spot UV. The consistency is extremely impressive when all the elements are brought together. The logo really jumps off the dark gray, and the background elements included in the design provide a sophistication that is exactly what Sonny and Kash were looking for.

Invest in yourself!

See what we did there? In all seriousness though – branding can separate you from your competition. It is a wise investment for any business to look the part and leave a great impression without lifting a finger.

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