Bison Construction

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A little renovation for the renovation experts.

Bison Construction provide high quality renovation and remodeling services in Central Florida. Having seen some of our past work, they reached out to inquire about re-branding. Their previous logo was quite busy and the main visual element was a heavy duty shipyard crane – a far cry from the residential work they’re known for. It was clear an upgrade was needed – something bold and simple that exudes professionalism.

Building the brand.

Any time you’re updating an existing brand, you want to keep some elements of familiarity so the evolution is apparent. The old Bison logo had a thickness to it and levels of separation in the name itself. Everything else had to go. The crane was ridiculous and the borders were too restrictive. It was immediately obvious what elements would be stripped away. The trick now was to figure out a way to keep the elements we wanted and make them look great.

We started looking for strong fonts and when we found Teko Bold, we called off the search. Something in our guts told us this one was right. What followed was hours of tinkering with letter spacing, layout, and figuring out how to get these lines involved. We saw the lines as a thematic representation of the construction process – something unfinished eventually becoming finished. Eventually we landed on the version you see and everything really started coming together.

The right tools to land the right jobs.

In order to grow the business and land higher-paying jobs, the Bison crew have to make a killer impression in any and all meetings they attend. We designed business cards and presentation folders so they could do just that.

Keeping things simple, yet again, we made the logo the focus and splashed that awesome orange color wherever it felt right. Not only is the design simple and understated, but the color really draws your eye. A great way to make an impression without being busy and annoying.

Does your brand need a little remodeling?

Give us a call or follow the link below and we’ll take notes on a clipboard and everything. We might even wear a hard hat – who knows!

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