Bright Homes Atlanta

Logo, Business cards, Email signaures, Website, etc.

What an absolute blast, this project has been! If you’ve got 4 minutes and want to laugh, check out the announcement video we made to help launch everything.

The preamble.

We’d been working with Carrie and her team to liven things up and streamline operations. It became abundantly clear early on that ‘Red Door Atlanta’, and its mundane appearance, did not represent them accurately. If you have the privilege of finding genuinely caring people who enjoy themselves at every turn, it feels wrong to hide them behind a vanilla, ‘professional’ style. The brand was really doing them a disservice by not properly communicating who they are – so we stepped in!

Changing the name.

Once re-branding discussions started, it quickly became apparent that a name change was needed. ‘Red Door Atlanta’ felt especially boring and stuffy when words like ‘lively’, ‘fun’, ‘creative’, ‘friendly’, and ‘warm’ were thrown around.

To the online thesaurus we went! And there it was…bright. Something about that word just stuck. We went around and around exploring other ideas, but that word kept creeping back. During a video conference call with Carrie, we casually mentioned it as a possibility. Just as it had with us, it got stuck in her head. We knew we were on to something, and a conversation or two later, we all happily agreed on Bright Homes Atlanta.

A lively logo.

Designing any logo is an interesting journey. You can choose the tried and true of the subject’s industry, or you can venture into the unknown. Real estate is one of those industries with unmistakable tropes – houses, roof lines, and keys. We’ve seen it all before and we’ve seen it a million times. We were never going that route.

Next, you decide if you want to accompany the name with a mark of some sort. Will it be a monogram, or perhaps an abstract shape? Bright Homes Atlanta doesn’t feel like an abstract shape kind of entity. It just felt like stylized text accompanied by symbolic and vibrant branding.

We were drawn to the use of paint strokes, given the emphasis on vibrance and color. Paint strokes also have a natural kinetic energy we were hoping to harness. Comparing the old logo to the new, we wanted a sense of life that was sorely missing. Little did we know that Carrie loves painting and used to do it a lot when she was younger. The synergy is real!

A splash of color(s).

This was probably the easiest part of the process. Given the name and continued emphasis on words like ‘lively’ and ‘vibrant’, it was clear the color palette would be very ‘bright’. In the spirit of being slightly unconventional, we decided to use a lot of colors.

The primary colors are yellow and teal, but we will use other combinations to keep things fresh and give people a surprise from time to time.

The whole shabang!

Now that the foundation is set, it’s time to brand all the things! Business cards come first, of course, but we are not stopping there. One of the best aspects of this brand is its versatility, not only visually, but in spirit as well. The emphasis on creativity and fun allows us to really spread our wings and have a good time. We’re working on plans to create all kinds of goodies and continue spreading the message that real estate can be fun and exciting. Stay tuned for so much more from us and our friends at Bright Homes Atlanta!

Don’t forget the website!

We also built a custom WordPress website for Carrie and company. You can read all about that project or just jump straight to the website itself.

"28 South redesigned my entire brand, including a new website. James took the time to really get to know me as a person, my team & my business values and vision. When he presented his brand concept to me, I cried because it so perfectly captured me and everything I stand for.

In a time when my business desperately needed a kick in the pants, my new brand and gorgeous website have given me and my team new energy and enthusiasm which is showing up in our bottom line. We're proud of who we are and now our brand reflects that. Thank you James for listening and for your instinct in designing all of the pieces of our new brand!"

Carrie Qualters Bright Homes Atlanta / KW Roswell, GA

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