SOZO Skin Boutique

Logo, Business cards, Rack card

Who are they?

Sozo Skin Boutique is a Jupiter, Florida-based concierge skin care provider, specializing in anti-aging. Sheri Cordi, owner and medical aesthetician, had been working in the industry for years and decided it was time to take her business to the next level. In the South Florida market image is everything, so Sheri’s expectations and standards were high. She made this very clear during our initial meeting and we happily accepted the challenge.

Peeling back the layers.

Every project starts with a list of adjectives to provide direction. In this case we started with “sophisticated”, “luxury”, “gender neutral”. Sheri had also already decided on a primarily white and gold color palette with an occasional teal accent color. Colors don’t necessarily steer the design in any direction, but it is nice to work with the correct colors throughout the process.

After trying a few different font styles and weights, we settled on a thick sans-serif font for a more modern feel. Adding space between the letters helps provide a touch of luxury and sophistication. From there we started working on the visual element. Initially we worked on icons separated from the text, but as we worked our way through strange shapes that made no sense, we landed on the idea of a layered sun. The sun because Sozo is in South Florida, and the layers because skin has many layers. Replacing the first “o” in Sozo with the layered sun looked perfect as soon as we tried it. A few high fives and a bit of tinkering later, and we had it nailed.

The cards, though!

Yes! As soon as Sheri said she wanted primarily white and gold, we knew the business cards had to have raised gold foil. When someone grabs a business card from the counter, we want them to stop in their tracks to look more closely at what they have. These cards do just that. You immediately feel the texture of the raised elements, and the shimmery gold jumps out at you. They are a real sight to behold and provide that luxury and sophistication Sheri has been after all along.

Let’s smooth out those wrinkles.

Are those crows feet coming in on your company’s branding? We can iron those right out and get you looking young and spry again. Just give us a call or follow the link below and we’ll get you fixed right up!

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