The Rancho

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The skinny.

A dear friend, Mimi, purchased land and made her long-time dream of raising farm animals a reality. It’s glorious. Ducks, goats, chickens, and a massive pig roam somewhat freely through her backyard. Never one to overlook an opportunity, she decided to start selling products and needed a logo. That’s when our phone rang.

Totally organic.

Mimi mentioned wanting to include her diva hen in the design, if possible. Other than that, she just said “do what you do.” This was one of those rare occasions where the final logo was very very close to the first idea we decided to explore. Once we got the lettering right, it was clear we didn’t need to explore other options.

The vibe of the logo fits Mimi and her farm perfectly. She’s all about having a good time and doesn’t take herself too seriously. The farm itself is the opposite of polished and modern. Given her energy and the rough/handcrafted nature of the farm structures, the scratched/etched lettering just makes sense.

When we presented the brand to her, Mimi laughed and said “you nailed it.” Job done.

Old Macdonald needed a logo…so he called us.

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