Cipparone & Cipparone

Logo, Business cards, Email signatures, Folders

Opening remarks.

Cipparone & Cipparone is a Lake Mary based law firm primarily focusing on civil litigation, wills and trusts, corporate and commercial matters, real estate law, and estate planning.

Having seen the work we did for Solutions Group and ARC1, Paul and Ryan Cipparone called us after deciding their brand needed updating. They were very open to new ideas and only stated that they liked their current primary blue color. It’s always great when clients give you ultimate creative freedom.

Letters of the law.

The design process on this project was actually pretty simple. Given the industry, you immediately eliminate a large swath of styles and nestle in to “professional” and “prestigious”. Having the name “Cipparone” appear twice in the company name means you can’t stack them, so you start moving things around trying to find something that makes sense. Ultimately we ended up laying the name out horizontally.

A simple text-based logo was not enough. We needed an additional visual element. We wanted something instantly recognizable, but not obviously law-themed like a scale or gavel. By using the two C’s, we not only callback to the two partners’ name, but we also pay homage to the original logo that also featured two C’s.

Choosing more of a navy blue adds weight to the logo and the copper accent color creates a classy contrast. Given the potential sizing issues with a vertically short and horizontally long design, we created additional options to ensure there was a legible logo for every potential use case.

More than a logo.

Time to design the additional branding collateral! We always start with business cards, and these have a hidden trick embedded in them. Using spot UV coating, the “CC” mark starts on the copper stripe on the info side and continues onto the logo side. If you put two cards next to each other, you will see the connection. A really cool hidden treat!

Beyond the cards, we also designed some fantastic presentation folders and beautifully simple email signatures.

Arrested for ugly branding? Call us!

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